We are opening for strawberries today.

We will have PYO ($2.25 / lb) and pre-picked berries at $4 qt or 2/$7. A flat of 6 qts will be $20.

Don’t for get your sun hats!!

Strawberries 2016

Strawberries are coming along….hopefully mid to late June. They are late this year due to the cool April, and now this cooler week may slow ripening, as well!

We will keep you updated!

Spring is here!

Spring appears to have arrived early; and so have Nauman’s!

We are back at St. Jacob’s Farmers Market, located at the entrance of the ¬†new main building. The farm itself will open for strawberry season approximately mid-June.

We have at the market- this year’s crop of Tomatoes, sweet peppers, and even bunched carrots! (ask how we do it – it is a story!)

Also available are 5 varieties of potatoes, 2 sizes of sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, leeks, celeriac, rutabaga, pearl onions and parsnips. For your convenience, we also have chopped carrot sticks, beets, rutabaga and sweet potatoes; as well as shredded cabbage.

We are at the market Thursdays & Saturdays 7-3:30.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are moving right along in our pumpkin season, and would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

This Saturday (10th) Mark and Sandra are going to bring two birds to visit our farm around the noon hour time. With them will be Lily, a North American Kestrel; and Rose – a Harris Hawk. Please come out and meet with them!

If you are coming to visit our farm…still lots of detours. HOWEVER…Benjamin Road will still have road closed signs up until Oct 16 – but work on it seems to be intermittent. The road is paved and line-painted, and we use it regularly. Hope to see you!!!

Location Reminder

If you are still looking for us at the St. Jacobs Market…we are in our new spots right near the door of the NEW beautiful building. Our new flag is flying high, and you can’t miss it.

At the market, we have local produce; and the fruit we have at the market is  Raspberries, Blueberries, Black & red Currants. We no longer have PYO raspberries at the farm.

And just a reminder that the farm is closed until pumpkin season, September 12; so come out and visit us at the St. Jacobs Market!

End of Strawberries

Our strawberry season has finished. We appreciate all our customers and friends who visited us, in spite of frustrating road closures. Next season will be better!!!

Remember, we are at the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in our new location at the entrance of the new building! We hope to see you there!

Our farm will reopen for pumpkins on September 12.

Visiting the Farm

We do hope to have pre-picked strawberries available. We encourage you to call ahead (especially if more than one flat) to have them set aside for you.

There is lots of road construction around us….the best way to reach us would be the St. Jacob’s exit from expressway, taking King to Wagners Corners (Lobsinger Line), and turning left in Heidelberg. Or Ira Needles to the T at Kressler Rd., and turn right.

Strawberry Update

Due to severe frost damage (and many road closures around us!) – we will not be opening for strawberries this year.

Our short supply will go to St. Jacob’s market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays…please come and visit us there at our new booth near the door of the new building!

We will see you for pumpkins at the farm, opening September 12!

May 6 2015

Welcome to the new year at Nauman’s!

Strawberry plants arrive Friday, and weather permitting will get planted next week. We will planting more rhubarb following that; and the farm will open mid-June when strawberries are ready for picking!…watch for the date….

In the meantime, please come & visit us at the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market – we’re the orange tents close to the Harvest Barn near the Weber St. entrance. We start May 7 with our favourite tasting asparagus and tomatoes!! We will also have available sweet peppers, mini-cucs, wild leeks, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, horse radish, cabbage, coleslaw mix, and our sweet grape tomatoes.

Come visit soon!!